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Commercial pilot license (cpl)

Flying Artwork offers the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) course, providing aspiring pilots with a comprehensive and industry-leading training program. With accreditation from both the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Flying Artwork stands as the premier choice for individuals seeking to embark on a successful career as commercial pilots

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  1. Accreditation and Global Recognition: Flying Artwork’s CPL course is accredited by both the UK CAA and EASA, ensuring that graduates receive a highly recognized and respected license. This accreditation provides global recognition and opens doors to numerous career opportunities with airlines worldwide.
  2. Comprehensive Training Program: The CPL course at Flying Artwork offers a comprehensive and structured training program that covers all the essential aspects of becoming a proficient commercial pilot.


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 From theoretical knowledge to practical flight training, students gain a deep understanding of aviation regulations, navigation, meteorology, aircraft systems, and more. The rigorous curriculum prepares them for the challenges and demands of a career in commercial aviation.

  1. Highly Experienced Instructors: Flying Artwork boasts a team of highly experienced and dedicated instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the CPL course. These instructors have extensive backgrounds in commercial aviation and provide personalized attention to students, ensuring they receive the highest quality training. Their guidance and mentorship contribute to the development of well-rounded and skilled pilots.
  1. Emphasis on Safety: Safety is paramount in aviation, and Flying Artwork places a strong emphasis on safety throughout the CPL course. Students are trained to prioritize safety in all aspects of their training, ensuring they develop a safety-oriented mindset and adhere to best practices in their future careers as commercial pilots.
  1. Job Placement Assistance: Flying Artwork is committed to the success of its graduates and offers job placement assistance. The academy has established strong relationships with airlines and aviation organizations, helping CPL graduates navigate the competitive job market and secure rewarding positions in the aviation industry.

Requirements for the Commercial Pilot License Course


Private Pilot’s License

Before beginning your CPL theory study, you must have a PPL(A) issued in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) criteria. You must have this in order to register, and you will be prompted for your license number.

45 to 65 flying hours are required to complete your PPL. The CPL is the next flying course after your PPL. Before you begin, you must have accumulated 150 hours of flying time. So if you want to begin your practical training as soon as you pass the Commercial Pilot Licence examinations, you’ll need to increase your hours while studying for your CPL.

Class 1 Medical and Eyesight Information

Before starting your commercial flight training, we recommend getting a class 1 medical. This is to help make sure you won’t be barred from obtaining a CPL on medical grounds.

Your medical certification must be issued by the body governing your licence: i.e. the UK CAA or your EASA state’s equivalent. If you have a prescription from the opticians we, Flying Artwork, also recommend you complete the UK CAA visual system form or your EASA state’s equivalent.

Commercial Pilot License Conduct Hours of theoretical knowledge

For your CPL theory course, you must finish 650 hours of learning in total. Please be aware of that all sessions will be in person at Flying Artwork.

If you aspire to become a successful commercial pilot, look no further than Flying Artwork’s CPL course. With its accreditation from the UK CAA and EASA, comprehensive training program, experienced instructors, cutting-edge facilities, emphasis on safety, networking opportunities, and job placement assistance, Flying Artwork provides aspiring pilots with the ideal platform to launch their careers. Choose Flying Artwork and embark on a journey toward a fulfilling and rewarding future as a commercial pilot.

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